A simple and user-friendly system

1 • A cassette (filled at the pharmacy or at the patient’s home) contains the necessary medication for 21 doses, following the doctor prescription.

2 • Once inserted, the cassette automatically programs the distribution. Very easy and convenient.

3 • The cassette is loaded through the side door. It is impossible to put it in the wrong way.

4 • Connected to the necessary people, i-Donea™ informs and alerts if needed, offering security and tracking.

5 • The user interface is ergonomic and tactile. Its size allows large icons and easy to read text.

6 • Only one button. Follow the instructions on the screen and press to dispense the medication.

7 • The pills fall into the small cup. Their presence is verified. The cup is removed from the front of the machine (and i-Donea™ knows it). Another ergonomic gesture.


1 • Patented mistake-proof lock  & key design, ensures the error free installation of the cassette into the equipment.

2 • Loading and removal of the cassette through the side door.

3 • Funnel for feeding the treatment into the cassette.

4 • User interface with an ergonomic viewing angle.

5 • A high contrast touch screen & a single button simplify the operations.

6 • Optimised foot print designed to minimize the space required in the workspace.


• Seamless integration into the Pharmacy processes and workflows.

• Low financial investment needed to install and operate the i-Donea™ cassette filling equipment.

• Software package adaptable to all operating systems : no software licencing fees.

• Compact design to eliminate the need for a dedicated workspace; the light-weight device can be stored away when not in use.


• Total flexibility to absorb any treatment regimen : each cassette contains 21 doses, each containing the treatment for a specific time of the day.

• Intuitive operative use : the instructions on the screen guide the user; the button is used to validate each step of preparation

• Zero risk of mix-up during its removal from the equipment and the handling after it has been filled : the cassette is always closed.

• Traceabality is reinforced

• Eliminated risk of accidential spillage guaranteed by the cassette’s patented locking mechanism.

• Crush-proof construction protects the drugs loaded into the cassette.

• The i-Donea™ cassette is designed for reuse, eliminating the need for single-use plastics.